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CTI Fashion Initiative unveils tailored metrics for fashion circular economy | 

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times — if I had to sum up a 2024 outlook on African fashion, this would be it. Ground-level growth is on the way up (TFG is seriously growing, Takealot is approaching profitability), but the macrosystems our economies depend on are on the way down (loadshedding & the crumbling Naira). Will those fast-moving forces clash in 2024? We’ll see.

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Over the next few weeks, expect:
- The rescued recording of last year’s Funding Q&A
- New profiles from retail leaders, fashion founders and more
- A guide to listing on a marketplace (if/when Amazon gets it together for its SA launch)

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Across Africa,

Takealot targets profitability, TFG invests even more in local manufacturing and an increasing number of large multinationals and local startups blame economic difficulties as they exit African markets.


Menswear updates from Paris & Milan, a new attempt at fixing workable sustainability metrics, and Amy Smilovic (Founder of Tibi) shares some great perspective for fellow fashion founders heading into 2024.

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