Watch: A lesson in fashion funding

She knows why you can't get funded — and how you can.

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I finally — finally — recovered the recording of AFWeekly’s first ever virtual event last August/September: A Q&A session with Keitumetse Lekaba of I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR, aka, The Business Doctor.

Her years of experience in enterprise supplier development (helping small businesses grow by helping them become suppliers to bigger businesses) have seen her come across every growth bottleneck scenario you can imagine, and so many involve funding.

Not having the cashflow to increase productivity or benefit from economy of scale when you buy from your suppliers.

Knowing that one piece of equipment would change everything but hearing no everywhere you’ve looked for capital.

And everything in-between.

While her experience and advice are grounded in South Africa, I think anyone listening from the rest of the continent can gain value from this, because the first thing she speaks about is keeping good business records — essential for getting funded pretty much anywhere. She also mentions a few national agencies for funding in SA and what the ideal business candidate for that capital looks like.

Grab a cup of something warm and dive in — you will want to take notes. Enjoy!

[Also you have to watch because you have NO idea how long I’ve been trying to find this footage.]

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